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Big topic this week: Charts in the Streaming Area and more #Musicbiz News
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Welcome To The Post-DIY Era /

Great read by Mark Mulligan: "On the surface, these look like golden years for DIY, and in many ways they are, but much of what is happening at the top end of the scale has little to do with DIY."
#Musicbiz - Top News: Soundcloud and DJ Mixes ?? Pandora starts its OnDemand Service and more..

Producers and DJs can now sign up to get paid for SoundCloud plays /

Basically, what SoundCloud are announcing is that the Premiere offering will soon be available to DJs and producers. For now, you can sign up; there’s no word yet on who will get included when. Maybe the most interesting detail here is actually that SoundCloud specifically calls out DJ mixes/remixes
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SoundCloud Reportedly Sets Floor Price for Potential Buyers (Updated) /

*SoundCloud issued the following statement to Billboard following the initial publication of this article: "While we do not comment on rumors or speculation, we can say the latest Recode article doesn't accurately portray the current state of the SoundCloud business...."
This week in #Musicbiz: 7Digital acquires 24-7 | Rise of Classical | Lossless on Spotify? + more
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MIDiA Exclusive: 7digital Acquires Leading Competitor 24-7 /

Thats news! White label streaming service provider are the basis for some strong competitors to Spotify. Thats where the data/music is coming from for services like or the MediaMarktSaturn Streaming Service. Now the 2 biggest companies in this field combined.

Spotify is preparing to launch a Hi-Fi music tier /

Looks like Spotify is currently A/B testing losssless audio quality. With Apple choosing the Lightning connector over the headphone jack and Android manufacturers switching to USB-C at a rapid pace, there are now millions of smartphone owners who can experience lossless audio.
Spotify tops 50m subs as growth rate slows, while in Germany people still prefer CDs #Musicbiz
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Musikindustrie in Zahlen (BVMi) /

Das BVMi hat die neuesten Zahlen grafisch aufgehübscht. Immer noch gilt: Der physische Tonträger erfreut sich nach wie vor hoher Beliebtheit. Sicherlich kommt es auch immer darauf an, welches Genre man sich hier ansieht.

Spotify tops 50m subscribers as growth rate slows down /

Yesterday (March 2), Spotify confirmed that its platform has now surpassed 50m subscribers. It’s a big moment in the company’s history – but means that in the six months between September’s 40m milestone and the new 50m figure, Spotify posted a 25% subscriber increase.
Global market shares 2016: Indies rule! | Soundclouds new price tier seems confusing + ... #Musicbiz


By bringing distant voices close, radio connects people and places. Radio Garden allows listeners to explore processes of broadcasting and hearing identities across the entire globe. + it has some iconic radio jingles from the past, like this one from former east German youth radio: DT64
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What we loose when we relay on streaming /

Some thoughts about the old discussion, Streaming vs. Download, now that the German Band "Die Toten Hosen" finally added most of their music to Spotify. But nobody talks about takedowns....